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Social Media Management

Your brand message and identity must be consistent on all communication platforms. Social media is a platform that is often neglected by many companies, yet social media enables brands to truly connect with audiences on a personal level. Jenniemore provides you the complete solution for your social media needs.

Set-up of social media platforms

Just starting, is often be the most difficult part of any new venture in your business. Jenniemore can help you start your social media journey from conceptualisation to implementation. We develop an understanding of your business identity, determine the social media platforms that is best for your brand and develop the social media graphics to get you started. You will be presented with a uniquely tailored social media strategy that you can use to manage your own page. Alternatively, Jenniemore can handle the daily management and engagement for you.

Content generation and management

Once your social media strategy has been developed in the set-up stage, Jenniemore can help by writing and designing relevant content and graphics for your social media pages. A timeline will be created with content that is carefully scheduled to communicate the right message to your audience, at the right time.