"Leaders who identify public relations as a strategic function reap long-term financial and reputational benefits."


People connect to brands that are alive. When companies discover and share their brand story, the brand comes to life to consumers. When brands are alive, consumers can make an emotional connection which increases brand loyalty.

Jenniemore is here to help you find, own and share your story to help you connect with your customers in a meaningful way. Jenniemore is a Communications Consultancy founded by Jennilee Peremore-Oliver.

Jennilee started her career in Public Relations (PR) in 2009, and has worked with brands in the corporate, media and non-profit sectors. She specialises in media, and completed a Master’s Degree in Applied Media in 2012, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Communication and Culture in 2009, majoring in English and Journalism. In 2015, she won a PRISM Award for one of her public relations strategies, one of the most prestigious accolades for PR professionals in South Africa.

Her passion for the media and communication industry and the power it holds to make a positive impact in society inspired her to use her skills to help brands come to life.

Jenniemore offers a range of services including writing/editing/proofreading, social media management, and strategic advice and consultation regarding internal communication, corporate social investment, public relations, reputation management and crisis communication.

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"Start writing your own story and believe that it is worth telling."


Everything you do daily involves some form of communication; whether it be as simple as answering the phone, sending an e-mail, meeting with your board of directors, the adverts you publish in the newspaper or the events you host. Every time you communicate, you share something about who you are as a person and as a business. What does your communication say about you? What do you want your communication to say about you? Jenniemore helps you close the gap between what your stakeholders think about you and what you want them to think about you by aligning your business objectives with how you communicate with your stakeholders. We integrate various communication platforms and techniques and we tailor each message to ensure that it helps you meet your business objectives.

Writing | Editing | Proofreading

Your customers will probably read about your business before they get to speak to you about it, whether it is on your organisation’s website, social media platforms, business letter, portfolio or advert. Your brand message needs to be compelling and consistent. Jenniemore helps you achieve this by producing quality content for print and digital advertising platforms including press releases, website content, articles, newsletters, magazines and more.

Social Media Management

Your brand message and identity needs to be consistent on all communication platforms and social media is one of those platforms. It is often a platform that is neglected by many companies, but one that provides an opportunity to truly connect with your audience on a personal level and to allow your brand to become part of your customers’ lives. Jenniemore provides you the complete solution for your social media needs.

Advice and Consultation

Everything a business does involves communication. Often business owners or marketing/communication professionals are faced with situations where they require guidance to determine the best way to respond to their stakeholders in a specific situation. The way you respond to a stakeholder can make all the difference. It is not necessarily what you say, but how you say it. Responding appropriately in sensitive situations can be the difference between developing or ending a stakeholder relationship. Jenniemore can assist with advice on reputation management, corporate social investment, crisis communication, internal communication and public relations. Book a consultation for telephonic advice or a meeting.

"The public relations professional is the company’s conscience."

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